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Bonnaroo Reviewed: MGMT


Even to Bonnaroovians unfamiliar with the five oddly dressed youths onstage, the fluting keys, grooving bass, and swaggering, shooting vocals of “Electric Feel” proved too much to resist. Brooklyn’s MGMT kept the hands-in-the-air audience dancing throughout their set, stretching the jam-factor of Oracular Spectacular‘s freaky tunes well into the red.And each time keyboardist/vocalist Ben Goldwasser locked into a head-wobbling melody, playing off guitarist/vocalist Andrew Vanwyngarden flanged guitar riffs, the crowd surged.

Met with surprisingly gushy amounts of praise, MGMT — whose frontmen closed the set with the bomping “Kids,” before their guitarist joined onstage and hip-locked into a blasting, LSD-soaked solo — reminded of Bonnaroo’s power to evoke both musicians’ and fans’ best.

MGMT live:

MGMT’s Andrew Vanwyngarden right after their set: