When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth


What? Riding a fine line between overtly arty noise rock and a clamorous sonic disaster, Austin, TX’s When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth debut this week with Not Noiice, an enticing collection of psychopathic, sludge-punk tunes, right at home at an acid-fueled Brooklyn loft party, or in the soundtrack to an experimental horror flick. “Hairvest,” with its vexing, prog-like guitars, holding-it-all-together rhythmic force, and sheer sonic lunacy, boggles in the most enjoyable fashion, sparking some innate, animalistic urge to simply spazz out. But despite their seemingly serious output, the boys maintain a sense of humor — just take a gander below at the Nirvana-spoof music video for “It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Humidity.”

Who? Monstrous, Austin, TX-based seven-piece When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, comprising singers George Dishner and Jesse Hodges, drummers Daniel Francis Doyle and Brandon Crowe, guitarists Marc Voorhees and Nate Cross, and bassist Cory Plump.

Fun Fact: Originally, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth — born when members of Austin acts Tuxedo Killers and Awesome Cool Dudes combined — was solely an instrumental affair. But after Jesse Hodges broke his hand, the onetime axeman moved to the microphone. George Dishner soon followed, forming the band’s current lineup.

Now Hear This: “Hairvest” ( DOWNLOAD MP3)

Now Watch This: “It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Humidity”


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