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Surprise! Another Free Nine Inch Nails Album

Trent Reznor unveils The Slip, a new 10-track set offered as a free download now via the band's website as a "thank you" to fans.

Things are on the up and up for fans of Nine Inch Nails: In yet another industry-defying, forward-thinking internet move, Trent Reznor has unveiled The Slip, a brand new 10-track collection available as a free download now via

Though hot on the heels of Reznor’s not-totally-free 36-tune collection Ghosts I-IV, which also dropped without warning via the internet, the new record is a “one hundred percent free” affair, even arriving with a free PDF of artwork and credits. But why, you ponder? “As a thank you to our fans for your continued support,” Reznor’s site reads.

And the seasoned industrial rocker is certainly thankful, for The Slipunlike other free album downloads — is offered in a myriad of audio formats, from high-quality MP3 to higher-than-CD quality .WAV files. The new record will also arrive on CD and vinyl this July.

The Slip tracklisting:

1. “999,999”
2. “1,000,000”
3. “Letting You”
4. “Discipline”
5. “Echoplex”
6. “Head Down”
7. “Lights in the Sky”
8. “Corona Radiata”
9. “The Four of Us Are Dying”
10. “Demon Seed”

Catch Nine Inch Nails on tour this summer, as well as at numerous forthcoming festivals, including Baltimore’s Virgin Fest and New Orleans’ Voodoo Experience.

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