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Quiet Village, ‘Silent Movie’ (K7)

Named for Martin Denny’s seminal exotica/lounge album, Quiet Village opt for a sketchy sunset — rather than the more traditional nymph in a loincloth — on the cover of their woozy, sampledelic debut. Culling a batch of 12-inches from the past four years, the duo redress dollar-bin pariahs such as New Age harpist Andreas Vollenweider and prog-pop producer Alan Parsons, nudging them into drunken, warm- bathwater edits like “Utopia” and “Pillow Talk.” Blaxploitation pimp stomp and cop sirens drive “Circus of Horror,” but beware the Captain & Tennille quote on “Too High to Move,” lest you get stuck in a kitsch loop and can’t fast-forward.