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Pete Yorn Charms Along the Hudson


With his smirking charisma and cache of recognizable melodies in tow, Pete Yorn strolled into Manhattan’s circular, castle-like 79th Street Boat Basin last night (May 15) and strummed out an intimate acoustic set at the Amsterdam-themed Amstel Light Lounge 1870 gala, sponsored by Spin.

As revelers were treated to Dutch hors d’oeuvres and complimentary Amstel Light, Yorn, with his radio-friendlysonic formula, had the crowd singing along from the first refrain of “Life on a Chain,” off 2001’s debut Musicforthemorningafter. Soft, tuned-down renditions of other big hits — “Life…,” “Strange Condition,” and “Just Another” — were met with rapturous applause and clinking glasses held high.

Armed only with a worn acoustic guitar, the singer/songwriter mostly sang through emotionally clenched teeth and closed eyes, moaning melodically over chord strums between lyrical rambles. With the audience encouraging with their singing, Yorn fully engaged, smiling at the sight of upturned faces firing his lyrics right back at him. After an eleven-song set, fans toasted one last time as laughs reverberated off the enclosure’s historic, towering brick walls back across the Hudson to Yorn’s hometown.

Check back to this page next week for video of Pete’s performance!

Pete Yorn / Photo by Adam Mignanelli

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Pete Yorn / Photo by Adam Mignanelli

Ice Bar, 79th Street Boat Basin / Photo by Adam Mignanelli

79th Street Boat Basin / Photo by Adam Mignanelli

Amstel’s Rich Byrne, Kensey Davis, Kheri Holland-Tillman, and Elizabeth Costa snuggle up to Pete Yorn (center) / Photo by Adam Mignanelli