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New Stream: Beck, “Chemtrails”

You won’t recognize him at first, especially if, like me, your best Beck memories involve him on his knees, belting out Midnite Vultures’ “Debra” like it’s hipster karaoke night and he’s drawn a James Brown tune. But as is the case with almost every Beck album, this first track from his still-untitled collaboration with Danger Mouse (set to emerge sometime this summer) “Chemtrails” is absolutely different than any Beck era you’ve come to know and love. Let’s call it the Beta Beck for now. It’s murky, dissonant, eerie, and wintry, in a my-British-town-is-gross-and-post-industrial sort of way. The crossfaded, Jonny Greenwood-style riffage at the end only adds to the Anglophile angle.

Listen for yourself:
Stream no longer available.

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