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New Ratatat MP3: “Shiller”

Ratatat have never favored the complicated; their first two records (2004’s self-titled debut and its follow up, 2006’s Classics) relied heavily on their tried and true formula of gliding guitar hooks and low-rent beats. Thus, it’s not hard to be surprised by this cut from their soon-to-be released third effort, LP3, which represents a noticeable departure in sound.

“Shiller” opens with a crashing wave of melodic static before dropping into a dripping, tinkling piano figure. Harpsichords stately enter and spaced-out synths oscillate to give the track a floating, ethereal feel. And as the volume on the main melody gets turned up, so does the atmospherics. It’s a shimmering, otherworldly song that wouldn’t seem too out of place on the latest record from Matmos — try stepping to this, kids.LP3 drops July 8 on Beggars XL.

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