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New Cut Copy Video: “Hearts on Fire”


Karen Carpenter, the late drummer/singer of ’70s soft-rockers the Carpenters, once sang about how “Rainy Days and Mondays” always got her down. And in the new music video for Cut Copy’s latest single, “Hearts on Fire,” the Aussies posit just how life would be if these two depressing forces combined and plagued not just the week’s stepping stone, but all of its seven days.

In the video, the protagonist, a.k.a. Cut Copy’s Dan Whitford, attempts the motions of everyday life — driving around, walking the dog, showering — as a steady stream of rain follows him (and only him) wherever he goes. The results are both hilarious and sorrowful, as the wet world presented fits the thumping, echo-drenched track. Sad people need to get their groove on, too, ya know.

Cut Copy’s latest record In Ghost Colours is out now on Modular/Interscope.
Cut Copy – Hearts On Fire
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