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Live Video from the Submarines at Quiksilver’s siteLA


We’re developing a little bit of a friendly obsession with the Submarines lately: They were one of my picks for SXSW ’08, and we recently covered their show in Chicago for our It Happened Last night section. Now, thanks to our pals at Quiksilver, we’ve got some rad new videos of the L.A. band (and real-life couple) performing three songs from their newly-minted album, Honeysuckle Weeks, at siteLA.

What is siteLA, you ask? Quiksilver has selected six independent and creative women to be “Visionaries in Residence” at siteLA, a space in Los Angeles. Over the course of a year, Quiksilver is offering these women valuable resources and support that will help them pursue their passions and expose their personal projects. siteLA functions as a venue for creative programming and special events stemming from the residents’ personal projects. Through exhibitions, performances and educational forums, the Visionaries in Residence will showcase their ongoing activity as artists, activists, entrepreneurs, and designers. You can get more info at

Click each link to watch the video, and scroll down for an interview with the band:
“You, Me, and the Bourgoisie”
“Swimming Pool”