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Kidz in the Hall, ‘The In Crowd’ (Duck Down)

This Chicago duo, who met as undergrads at the University of Pennsylvania, hearken back to the preppy, ’80s hip-hop of Leaders of the New School and Kwam é. While producer Double-O hooks up clubby hip-house (“Love Hangover,” featuring Estelle) and slumpy bass jams (“Drivin’ Down the Block”), rapper Naledge, along with guests Clipse, Bun B, and Little Brother’s Phonte, brings slick rhymes to the true-school party. Full of playful swagger, the Kidz rarely let their emotional guard down. But near the end of “Inner Me,” the normally debonair Naledge admits he actually might be like the rest of us: “Ironic / The product of two shrinks would ever need a shrink / I’m only fronting like my shit don’t stink.”