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Go Backstage with Metallica, Flea

Backstage with Metallica's Lars Ulrich

Sure, it was pandemonium when Metallica took the stage at L.A.’s Wiltern last night. Playing a venue about one-tenth the size of their normal touring abodes, the band powered through a classic-laden set and surely melted some faces (read our review).

But before the chaos, headed backstage and caught up with Lars Ulrich and Flea, speaking to both about their participation in last night’s event, which benefited the Silverlake Conservatory of Music, a music school that Flea helped found. We asked both about the role music played in their lives as kids, and how they, in turn, influence young musicians today.

Check out the Silverlake Conservatory’s website for more info on the organization.

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Flea chatting with Spin‘s Mikael Wood / Photo by Andrea Labarge

Flea gets tuned, while James and Lars chat with the crew / Photo by Andrea Labarge

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich / Photo by Andrea Labarge