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Catch the Buzz: Gregor Samsa

Virginia-bred seven-piece wrap soft, emotional post-rock punches in hushed vocals and swelling instrumentation.

Who? In Franz Kafka’s novella The Metamorphosis, protagonist Gregor Samsa attempts daily life after being morphed into a revolting insect, fittingly, then, that a seven-piece post-rock group from Richmond, VA would don the name, specializing in a transformative sound, albeit of a prettier nature.

The group, co-fronted by dual vocalists Champ Bennett and Nikki King, take sonic cues from both instrumental acts like Godspeed You! Black Emperor and slowcore luminaries Low and establish a sound that is truly their own. Check the atmospheric slow-build in “Jeroen van Aken,” replete with twinkling chimes, steadily plinking piano, and swirling tones.

Recommended if you like… Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Low, Sigur Ros

Their latest: Third album to date, Rest, hit stores this week (May 27).

Now Hear This: “Jeroen van Aken”(DOWNLOAD MP3)