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Available Today: May 13, 2008


Here’s a rundown of what’s available online and in record stores this week. Click each album title to read Spin‘s review:

Duffy, Rockferry: Bittersweet siren teams up with Britpop vet.

Death Cab for Cutie, Narrow Stairs: Breakup bard confidently details love’s travails.

Kidz in the Hall, The In Crowd: Ivy Leaguers spur nostalgia for polka dots and Ballys.

Local H, 12 Angry Months: The world’s greatest fake grunge band still have the pop chops.

Subtle, ExitingARM: Playful hip-hop geeks show you every toy in their box.

Plus, here’s a list of albums released today that are reviewed in Spin‘s June issue. Pick up a copy when it hits newsstands next week for a full record review.

The BellRays, Hard Sweet and Sticky: Veteran noisemakers discover a new way to blow off steam.

The Black Angels, Directions to See a Ghost: Trying to make the 432nd acid trip just as trippy as the first.

T Bone Burnett, Tooth of Crime: Oh, brother, where art thou dark wit, listenable songs?

Ecstatic Sunshine, Way: Experimental riff wranglers add digital color to the drone.

Fern Knight, Fern Knight: From the boonies to purgatory, she’s traditionally bewitching.

Kassin+2, Futurismo: Versatile trio from Rio completes genre-hopping tropical trilogy.

Old 97’s, Blame It on Gravity: Despite real-world intrusions, twangy lifers find pop spark.

We Are Scientists, Brain Thrust Mastery: Heedless party-crashers get the inevitable pop hangover.