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Pete Doherty Jailed; Babyshambles Prep Live DVD/CD

The debauchery-ridden rocker is imprisoned for up to 14 weeks, while his band unveils new live DVD/CD recorded during 2007 tour.

Ending a lengthy streak, and surely a personal record sans trouble with London’s boys in fluorescent yellow, bottomless-toxin-pit and Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty, 29, was arrested today (April 8) and will remain in jail for up to 14 weeks for breaching terms of his probation, Reuters reports. Doherty, who has attempted to conquer a well-publicized drug addiction with numerous stints in rehab, was issued a suspended sentence for possession of drugs and driving illegally in October 2007, but was warned he would be imprisoned if laws were broken amid his probation.

According to Doherty’s manager Adrian Hunter, the rocker was jailed for “numerous reasons,” notably “his latecoming at probation hearings.” Punctuality pays!

While Doherty ponders freedom behind bars, sate your jones with Oh What a Lovely Tour, a live CD and DVD package documenting the quartet’s 2007 winter arena tour of the U.K., during which Spin profiled Doherty for our February issue. Confirmed by a spokesperson to arrive stateside June 24, the DVD, directed by music video maven Giorgio Testi, delivers a full 20-song set, as well as live footage filmed in saturated colors inspired by early works from the Sex Pistols and the Beatles.

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