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New Wolf Parade Album Out June 17


Shifting musical gears after a tour as Sunset Rubdown, frontman Spencer Krug’s haunting shrieks will return this summer with Wolf Parade’s yet-to-be titled sophomore album, confirmed to arrive June 17 via Sub Pop. With drummer Arlen Thompson behind recording and engineering duties, the new album follows the release of Wolf Parade’s 2005 debut, Apologies to the Queen Mary.

“After Apologies… we wrote about four or five new songs, but we decided to throw them out because they sounded too much like what we’d already done,” singer/guitarist Dan Boeckner said in a statement, commenting on the new album’s sonic departure. “We could have easily made another Apologies… but what would have been the point?”

New album’s tracklisting:

1. “Soldier’s Grin”
2. “Call it A Ritual”
3. “Language City”
4. “Bang Your Drum”
5. “California Dreamer”
6. “The Grey Estates”
7. “Fine Young Cannibals”
8. “An Animal In Your Care”
9. “Kissing the Beehive”