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New Video: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, “Think I Wanna Die”

The Springfield, MO-based trio fall victim to love's deadly powers in their new music video.

Poppy and candid she-dumped-me-and-now-my-life’s-over ballads are in short supply these days, but “Think I Wanna Die,” a tune off Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltin’s acclaimed new album Pershing (read the review), rekindles all that’s wonderful about sugar-coated, ’50-tinged melodrama and heartbreak. But its video on the other hand, ends in misfortune for the love-struck band members.

Against a faux-forest background, frontman Philip Dickey laments, “Think I wanna die if you don’t stay / you’ll never know what you do to me,” as a series of clips illustrate young ladies — played by the girls from the band Eisley — dissing their respective guys, who evidently all enjoy bike rides and breakfast foodstuffs.

“We wanted to make a video about action, adventure, friendship and loyalty. And girls.That’s how Eisley got involved,” says Dickey. “Israel [Anthem, video director] is good friends with them and asked them to be in it. We also wanted to incorporate bicycles and cereal, since none of own cars and we all eat cereal.”

“As for the storyline,” Dickey continued, “the Eisley girls want to kill us because we’re horrible boyfriends, which is the exact opposite of the lyrics.”

And in the end — you guessed it — the girls murder the band members, who in response do the only logical thing: trash their equipment. But thankfully, heartbreak spurs songwriting. Ahhh, Mr. Kurt Cobain was right: Teenage angst does pay off well.

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