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New Video: The National, ‘A Skin, A Night’


More than two years after the National began working on their moody, meticulous fourth album The Boxer, a 60-minute film has emerged to offer an arty, microscopic view into the recording efforts and personal dramas behind the quintet’s benchmark record.

A visual masterwork in itself (that is, if the trailer is any evidence), French filmmaker Vincent Moon’s A Skin, A Night utilizes insightful, voyeuristic methods while capturing arty and poignant images and insightful yet anxious in-the-studio shots. And to top it off, the film’s linear editing is as smooth and transcendental as the album itself.

Now Watch This: A Skin, A Night trailer

A Skin, A Night arrives on DVD May 20 alongside The Virginia EP, a 12-track collection of demos, live performances, radio sessions, and B-sides.

The Virginia EP tracklisting:

1. “You’ve Done It Again, Virginia” (Previously unreleased)
2. “Santa Clara” (U.K. B-side)
3. “Blank Slate” (U.K. B-side)
4. “Tall Saint” (Demo)
5. “Without Permission” (Unreleased cover)
6. “Forever After Days” (Demo)
7. “Rest of Years” (Demo)
8. “Slow Show” (Demo)
9. “Lucky You” (Daytrotter Session)
10. “Mansion on the Hill” (Live)
11. “Fake Empire” (Live)
12. “About Today” (Live)