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New MP3: Tim Fite, “Yesterday’s Garden”

Tim Fite

From an imaginative storybook fairytale about Beans, to an acoustic ditty describing “a wife taking man,” Tim Fite’s artistic mind has interpreted a smorgasbord of topics, and “Yesterday’s Garden,” a tune off his forthcoming record Fair Ain’t Fair (out May 6 via Anti-), locates a happy medium in his assorted oeuvre with a humorous, confessional recollection of an automobile mishap.

“I guess you know that yesterday / I ran your garden over girl,” Fite tunefully admits as jolly ivories pluck in the background, and gleeful backing vocals of “yesterday” collide against yodelayeehhheees, ironically punctuating his destructive blunder. Stuttered by the occasional instrumental high jinks, Fite’s silly and topical “Yesterday’s Garden” merrily balances with equal parts production gloss and eclecticism — despite the destroyed flower patch.

Now Hear This: “Yesterday’s Garden”(DOWNLOAD MP3)

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