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Jennifer Cardini, ‘Feeling Strange’ (Kompakt)

The first female artist to release a record on the famed Kompakt label, Jennifer Cardini distills those disorienting moments when you first plunge into the murk of an underground club. Dark and lurid, this 21-song DJ mix also feels strangely giddy, as Cardini moves from the purring whisper of Justine Electra to a throbbing, mid-’90s Basic Channel classic (Maurizio’s “M-04″) in the first 15 minutes. From there, she adjusts (and adheres) to the club’s confines — only the race-car zooms of Matthew Dear and gentle squelches of Reinhard Voigt offset the standard house fare. Come sunrise, Cardini ushers us out with Lusine’s downtempo “Push” and the Thom Yorke–esque mewl of Apparat’s “Arcadia.”



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