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Conor Oberst Solo Album Due Aug. 5

Conor Oberst

Reopening the long-dormant solo project thingamabob on his versatile indie rock Swiss Army knife of sorts, Conor Oberst, you know, Bright Eyes prodigy, sough-after collaborative force, and onetime Winona Ryder arm candy, will return August 5 with a self-titled 12-track record, his first proper solo set since 1995’s Soundtrack To My Movie. And the album won’t arrive on Saddle Creek or even Team Love, but rather Merge Records, marking Oberst’s first partnership with the Chapel Hill, NC-based label.

Recorded this past winter in a temporary studio in Mexico’s Valle Místico area alongside engineer Andy LeMaster (R.E.M., Bright Eyes), Conor Oberst features a “special band” assembled especially for the recording — the aptly titled Mystic Valley Band. Essentially a group of unidentified musically inclined pals, the newfangled group will support Oberst as he unveils new tunes at Austin City Limits this September.

Conor Oberst tracklisting:

1. “Cape Cañaveral”
2. “Sausalito”
3. “Get-Well-Cards”
4. “Lenders in the Temple”
5. “Danny Callahan”
6. “I Don’t Want to Die (In The Hospital)”
7. “Eagle on a Pole”
8. “Moab”
9. “NYC – Gone, Gone”
10. “Valle Místico (Ruben’s Song)”
11. “Souled Out!!!”
12. “Milk Thistle”