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Artists Celebrate adidas Originals in ‘Left-Right Project’


As part of adidas Originals’ new initiative, Celebrate Originality, which invites sneakerheads worldwide to express their creativity in web films throughout the year, New York City’s Surface2Air (Gordon Hull, Daniel Jackson, and Alexia Stamatiou) and San Francisco’s Upper Playground (Sam Flores) have joined forces to honor their favorite kicks — adidas Originals’ shell-toed icon, the Superstar.

Collaborating on a video titled The Left-Right Project, the bi-coastal creatives were supplied with exact SUV-sized replicas of the shoe — right down to the fire-hose shoelaces. Splitting the pair between the East and West Coast — naturally, the right shoe went to Surface2Air and the left to Upper Playground — the artists customized their respective shoe over three days (for the Superstar’s number of stripes!) and united for a showdown in Venice Beach, CA for devotees and the public alike to enjoy.

The result: The Left-Right Project, a three-minute short film documenting the entire experience.

Watch The Left-Right Project, and to check out more videos head to