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Tilly and the Wall Unveil ‘O’


On the heels of a dancetastic SXSW (watch our video!), the imaginative boys and girls of Tilly and the Wall have regrouped — guitarist/vocalist Derek Pressnall pulled double duty in Austin with his project Flowers Forever — and announced the June 17 release of their third LP, unofficially titled O. The follow up to 2006’s sophomore set Bottoms of Barrels, which a press release states “has no title,” but “could be called O because its cover it just that: an oval-shaped frame for the artwork,” was produced by Saddle Creek fixture Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley, Cursive).

What artwork will appear in this mysterious O-shaped frame, you ask? Well, it’s up to you: Tilly and the Wall are inviting fans to submit their own artwork. They’ll pick a dozen entries, and include a different one with each month’s pressings of the album. Collect all twelve!

Oddly, the band’s surprise hit single, “Beat Control,” isn’t included on the new full-length; it is available for download on iTunes and Amazon, though, right now, with O‘s “Cacophony” as a b-side.

O tracklisting:

1. “Tall Tall Grass”
2. “Pot Kettle Black”
3. “Cacophony”
4. “I Found You”
5. “Jumbler”
6. “Chandelier Lake”
7. “Dust Me Off”
8. “Falling Without Knowing”
9. “Blood Flowers”
10. “Poor Man’s Ice Cream”
11. “Too Excited”