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Switches Test Philly’s Cheesesteaks

Hit the City of Brotherly Love with Switches frontman Matt Bishop and his pack of foodie rockers as they pursue the ideal Philly cheesesteak and proper local brew to wash it down.2/22, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Blarney South Bar and GrillUpon arrival at the Fillmore in Philadelphia, we spotted a bar that claimed to have Philly’s number one cheese steak. So we put ’em to the test. The Philly cheesesteak is legendary in the U.S., and we were primed and ready to sample a gastronomic delight. We found it was cheese and steak and, er, steak and cheese, and steak and bread. They tell it like it is in Philly, except for the bread — why mess with two such fine foodstuffs? The local Yuengling beer was grand too, but you can’t get drunk on a Yuengling because you can’t say it after a few. It comes out “yyynngnngnglnnglg” and you have to revert to slurring “gisaBud” instead. Keep it simple beer folk!For more on Bishop’s gastronomic escapades through the U.S., check in with each day this week to read a new blog entry detailing the frontman, and his daring crew’s eclectic eating habits while on their U.S. tour supporting new LP, Lay Down the Law. From Texas BBQ to New England clam chowder, their findings are tummy rumbling to say the least!Switches in Philly