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Switches Seek Lobster, Find Clams in Maine

In Switches frontman Matt Bishop’s final blog entry, the daring rock’n’roll foodies search high and low for lobster in the Portland, Maine before returning to the UK for a few weeks rest in preparation for yet another musical and gastronomic onslaught: SXSW.

2/23, Portland, Maine: Dogfish Cafe

After a particularly heavy night in Philly, we arrived in Portland, Maine completely exhausted and ready to crack — lobsters! We looked high for lobsters, and low for lobsters, but they were all hiding away wherever lobsters hide. Not a claw in sight. Soooo, we turned (sideways) to other less mobile crustaceans, clams. We looked for clams and found them in a local cafe (clams are no good at hide and seek) in a broth, under spring onions and potatoes; New England Clam Chowder is pretty darned good, but we’ve only ever had the Campbell’s tinned variety before, so our perspective is skewed. We’re now off to fast for a couple of weeks in London and lose some of this weight we put on doing this food diary so we can come back for more at SXSW in Austin– mmmmmm BBQ!