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What’s the Deal? Emblematic of today’s most cutting edge DIY aesthetic, 18-year-old Dan Hunter turned his digital bedroom daydreams into a MySpace phenomenon, crafting glitchy pop gems that feel, well, totally grown up while racking up massive play counts online.On Texas, out this week, young Dan proves that emolectro doesn’t have to embrace the lowest common (Hellogoodbye) denominator to secure mass appeal. Sure, there’s a bit of that Dashboard whine, but when Hunter’s confessional gets melancholy, twinkly underpinnings on (brace yourself for the title) “My Attendance Is Bad But My Intentions Are Good” or watery, filtered vocals on “Madi Don’t Leave” (MP3), your older sis will definitely inquire whether this is the new M83 album.

Who? Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, Dan Hunter suffered a tragic loss during his freshman year of high school when his father passed. Soon after, he turned to drugs and drink to cope, and landed in rehab at the tender age of 14. The recordings that became Texas helped him come to terms with his issues and losses.

Fun Fact: Dan claims to have constructed the biggest Lego set ever made. We want pics, Dan! Prove it!

Now Hear This: “Madi Don’t Leave” DOWNLOAD MP3
Now Watch This: “Madi Don’t Leave” video at Island Records

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