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New Video: Spinto Band, “Summer Grof”

Despite falling snow, the quirky six-piece turn winter to summer with water balloon fight.

There’s nothing quite like the cold sting of a water balloon across the face — especially in the dead of winter. And the six boys of Delaware’s Spinto Band definitely know the feeling, sacrificing dignity and warmth for art’s sake in the music video for “Summer Grof,” a tune off their forthcoming album Moonwink.

Conceptualized and directed by former Spinto member Albert Birney and filmed against a snow speckled and wooded rural New England backdrop, the video features slow-motion shots of each band member cringing in anticipation of an execution-style hail of water balloons, and later other random paint and food products. But winter conditions aside, the video is a logical interpretation of the tune; as its name implies, “Summer Grof” is an overtly sunny track with snappy acoustic strumming, a catchy sing-along chorus, hip-shifting lead guitar work, and a dreamy instrumental breakdown with chipper doo dee dums.

Enjoy, but if the impulse to toss a water balloon hits you, remember summer is on its way.

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