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New Stream: Shy Child, “Astronaut”

Shy Child

With an impressive live show and a few albums worth of bombastic, exploding drums and glitchy keytar seizures, Shy Child have carved a respectable niche all their own in today’s eclectic musical arena. And with “Astronaut,” a tune off the project’s forthcoming album Noise Won’t Stop, out courtesy of Kill Rock Stars May 20, the band aren’t making any exceptions.

With trance-inducing and subwoofer-cracking keys, driving rhythms, a scale-descending and exploding pre-chorus, and frontman Pete Cafarella’s robotic vocal delivery, “Astronaut” is characteristically Shy Child, but possibly the band at its best, packing all their musical tricks into just under four minutes. However contrary to popular beliefs, sometimes change isn’t good, and Shy Child’s latest is a prime example of why.

Now Hear This: Shy Child – “Astronaut”