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What’s the Deal? Moz is back, sort of, with a hits package that features two new songs: “That’s How People Grow Up” and “All You Need Is Me.” There’s a bonus disc as well, featuring nine tracks from Morrissey’s show at the Hollywood Bowl last June. Sadly, you can only imagine the repeated attempts by die-hard fans to rush the stage (although you can see that for yourself in the video clip for “That’s How People Grow Up” on ” YouTube).

Who? For those unfamiliar with the Pope of Mope, the Greatest Hits package is a decent starting point, at least for the ex-Smiths frontman’s solo career (the Smiths’ Singles is a must-have, if you don’t). And while the world endures another year of Smiths reunion rumors that never materialize, Greatest Hits is an effective placebo.

Fun Fact: Despite being loved so deeply by millions, Morrissey himself is notoriously mum about his own love life. As he told SPIN in our 2004 cover story, “I still prefer horses to human beings.”

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