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Fall Out Boy Postpone Antarctica Gig; Rivers Cuomo Asks Fans to Pen Tune


Due to bad weather, and possibly the collapse of the massive Wilkins Ice Shelf (scary!), Fall Out Boy’s flight to Antarctica, and the subsequent record-breaking gig set for March 25, have been postponed, at least for the time being. Conditions permitting, the quartet, currently holed up in their hotel rooms in Punta Arenas, Chile, hope to fly in today (March 26). “To be honest, we’re just hoping some other band doesn’t slip in by boat or something and set the world record right under our noses,” frontman Patrick Stump told Another, band, sure — or Al Gore, armed with a new PowerPoint.

As Weezer polishes off their forthcoming album, expected to drop this June, Rivers Cuomo is seeking new collaborators: YOU! In a YouTube video titled “Let’s Write a Sawng,” Cuomo encouraged his fans to contribute ideas that would ultimately result in a brand new song. In the first stage, fans picked the tune’s attitude — “fun and poppy, but tough” — and later, they selected a title: “’80s Radio.” Now for the final step: “Come up with some chords, yo,” said Cuomo. [Via Pitchfork]

Moby, Girl Talk, Carl Craig, and the Cool Kids highlight the bill for the ninth annual installation of Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival, slated for Memorial Day Weekend, May 24-26, 2008. [The Daily Swarm]

A new development in the murder investigation of former Ramones co-manager Linda Stein: Male blood was discovered in the sink of Stein’s Manhattan apartment, where she was killed on Oct. 30. Natavia Lowery, Stein’s personal assistant, is currently being held without bail on charges of second-degree murder. [Via]