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Dead Meadow, ‘Old Growth’ (Matador)

Psychedelic blues rockers Dead Meadow relocated from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles last year, and their sixth album sounds reenergized by the scenery change. The trio still combine ’60s garage jangle with thick jams that channel Iron Butterfly heaviness, but their new songs are sunnier and jumpier than 2005’s dirgeful Feathers. There’s also a more melodic tinge, as spacey explorations “Till Kingdom Come” and “Seven Seers” get a boost from hummable hooks and mostly fuzz-free production. Frontman Jason Simon exploits the extra breathing room, using his ghostly croon to spin trippy tales about hard-living dreamers and their near-religious hallucinations. Now Hear These:“What Needs Must Be” MP3, “I’m Gone” MP3 Now Watch This: “What Needs Must Be”