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Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears


What’s the Deal? Don’t let their name spook you: Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears may be strange fellows, but their music is meant to elicit joy, not terror.On their exquisite second effort, Flight of the Knife, which drops in record stores this week, Scary and his Tears tear through ’50s teen pop conventions (“Imitation of the Sky”), stately British pop in the vein of XTC (“Venus Ambassador”), and glammed-out prog rock (“The Purple Rocket”) with recklessly organized aplomb.

Who? Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and lead vocalist Bryan Scary wrote and recorded almost all of his debut record, The Shredding Tears, all by his lonesome (save for drums, which were handled by Apollo Sunshine’s Jeremy Black).For touring purposes, Scary assembled a cracking backing band (keyboards/vocalist Mike Acreman, bassist/vocalist Dave Ostrem, drummer Brian Bauer, guitarist/vocalist Graham Norwood) and dubbed them “the Shredding Tears,” later recording the sky-sighted song cycle Flight of the Knife with them.

Fun Fact: Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears have a rapidly growing fan base, including notorious gossip blogger (and rumored record label honcho to-be) Perez Hilton, who says Scary is “incredibly talented.” Photoshop that in pink paint onto a publicity photo!

Now Hear This: “Son of Stab” (Recorded live at the Daytrotter studios) DOWNLOAD MP3