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British Sea Power Drop Anchor in Seattle

Acrobatics, sailors, and bears -- oh my!

A British Sea Power show is never without its share of regalia — nautical outfits, an assortment of signal flags, a bear mascot — and last night’s set at Seattle’s Neumo’s was no exception. Opening with “No Lucifer,” the single from their recently released third LP, Do You Like Rock Music?, frontman Yan (aka Scott Wilkinson) paraded about as red and white flags flapped overhead. Later, after rolling through a handful of gems from their 2003 debut, The Decline of British Sea Power, BSP stunted the pacing with a gentle, meandering performance of Rock Music’s “Canvey Island.”

BSP’s antics had the crowd in stitches, particularly when attempting amateur acrobatics or during an appearance by Ursine Ultra, the aforementioned bear mascot. Ultimately, the band members themselves stayed relatively docile until guitarist Martin Noble scrambled up the balcony, caressing and hugging startled fans that had opted for a bird’s eye view.

British Sea Power bassist Hamilton / Photo by Julia Salamonik

Noble rocks out / Photo by Julia Salamonik

Hamilton again / Photo by Julia Salamonik