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Born Ruffians Spur ‘Whataburger’ Acid Flashback

Man, even on our days off we still party like we’re on Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. Get this, I’m just rockin’ it old school on this internet here, and the other guys fell asleep watching the Justice League full-length cartoon motion picture — PARTY!!!

Actually, we’re pretty happy about having a few days off (the first time in over a month), especially knowing that we’re essentially on tour until June. We’re at Mark (Steve’s brother/current tour manager/driver/general comic relief)’s place in Victoria, where we ate homemade chili. It’s an incredible improvement upon the 3 A.M. Whataburger booty call we’ve been doing for the past few nights. Even after writing the word “Whataburger,” I had the greasy equivalent of an acid flash back.

My prediction of San Francisco rivaling L.A. for the best show thus far was pretty gosh darn accurate, mostly because it was an all ages show and there were some kids up front trippin’ balls, as they say. Couldn’t tell if they were on drugs, or just high on life/Born Ruffians. We then drove over ten hours in one day to get to Portland, which paid off as we got to meet and play with the guys in Nurses. I think it’s safe to say we have a band crush on them, but don’t tell them. Also, we have real man-crushes on them.

Last night (March 22) was our Seattle show, and it was also DJ Weezil’s birthday (technically at midnight). So, in celebration of our last U.S. show until April and Weezil turning a quarter-century, we set off fireworks in the park. What seemed to be fitting about it being our American send-off, was that the Statue of Liberty seven-dollar firework I purchased was lit upside-down, and was just set entirely aflame and did nothing but put the fear of god in us when we tried stomping it to put it out. It’s all fun and games until someone commits accidental arson.

We’ve got our West Coast Canadian dates coming up — really excited. But for now, I’m going to tiptoe past the other guys and find a bed — or a Whataburger.

— ruffian mitch

I have poor fogged-car-window penmanship

Firework Magic

Luke in Victoria