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Born Ruffians Get ‘Jacked on Adrenaline,’ Sleep Swanky

Okay, so tonight (March 19) the blog will be shorter than usual. The reasons are threefold: is god because we’re in a four-star hotel (pictured below). The L.A. show tonight was the best show of the tour and I’m too jacked on adrenaline to blog my heart out. The beds are snug and I need to sleep/cuddle with Luke [LaLonde, singer/guitarist] now. That’s what you get when four guys share a hotel room.

SXSW was a lot of fun, but it felt good getting back on the road. Phoenix was great (we did burn that shit up like Jean Grey like I said we would), San Diego was fun (a sparse but enthusiastic bunch), and then Los Angeles tonight was insane. We’ve got San Francisco tomorrow (March 20), which I predict will rival L.A. as the best show. The last time we played there was the weekend of Halloween and everywhere there were people dressed like dominatrixes (dominatricies? I don’t know the proper plural there. My grammar-police tendencies don’t cover sex acts, I suppose). We plan to set off some fireworks before we leave the States, considering the unnecessary amount we bought in New Mexico. It’s Weezil’s birthday in Seattle (the last U.S. date), so we’ll be sure to blow up something in his honor. Now I’m going to sleep, or to ride the 40-floor elevator. I can’t decide. G’night.

— ruffian mitch

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