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Born Ruffians’ ‘Family Sitcom’

Sometimes when I see an ad for the Price is Right with Drew Carey, I feel like I’ve slipped into an alternate universe. But then I realize it’s the bizarre truth.

That doesn’t have anything to do with this, aside from how that ad just came on TV and I’m procrastinating like I used to do in school before I dropped out to hopefully never think about sociology in an academic environment again. That sounds harsh, but c’mon, what was I going to be, a sociologist? F that shit… (sorry to any sociologists reading this blog).

Our day off in Victoria (March 24) two days ago was well spent. We went bike riding in this huge, gorgeous park and then tried playing soccer, but we’re all terrible so it just turned into a game of going to get the lost ball in the forest, over and over again. I wish I had pictures or videos because it definitely would’ve looked like the opening sequence to a Born Ruffians family sitcom if there ever was one.

The show in Victoria (March 25) was really great (a super-nice girl named Petra baked us cookies! When does that happen?! Looks like Whataburger can take a seat if this cookie deal keeps working out), and tonight (March 26) in Vancouver was awesome — really nice people/promoters/staff/fans/all that stuff at both shows. We played with Said the Whale both times and they were really great guys. I feel like we’ve had a run of good luck with the bands we’ve been playing with. I kinda want to play with a band of complete, terrorizing douchebags before we finish the tour just to keep a balance in the world.

We’re off to Edmonton next (day off for driving tomorrow, March 27), and Calgary after that, so I’ll let you know if we play with any terrorizing douches.

Also, I find it a little unnerving that at 2:14 in the morning there’s an infomercial for penis enlargement pills on TV… as well as Blue’s Clues.

The best show poster in the history of show posters