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April Issue on Newsstands Now


Spin‘s April issue is on newsstands now and arrives with plenty of goodies from cover to cover. Here, check out our cover story on R.E.M., plus Power Ballots, an article investigating musicians’ role and influence on the campaign trail, and Who Earns What, a piece uncovering the income of those working in all facets of the music business.


It’s rare that a band gets the opportunity to grow older and wiser together — rarer still that one does so by sounding younger and snottier than ever. After losing their way with a string of ho-hum albums, here’s how R.E.M. found their noisy deliverance. MORE >>

Who Earns What

We all know that rock and raps stars can earn tens of millions each year, but what about the others who toil in the business of music? From managers to roadies to bloggers to bus drivers, here’s how much they take home. MORE >>

Power Ballots

Dozens of rockers, rappers, and pop stars have been hitting the campaign trail this year, singing, dancing, speaking, smiling, and waving for their favorite presidential candidates. But is anyone paying attention? MORE >>