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Who? Hailing from, as their label’s promotional video says, “not the capital of Stockholm and not a Norwegian cheese,” Danes Lars Vognstrup and Christian Godtfredsen met when they both were living in the same Copenhagen co-op. Already active in the local scene, the two hit it off musically, a feeling that was reaffirmed when Crunchy Frog co-founder Jesper Reginal offered to sign the band almost immediately upon hearing one song. Recorded in both Copenhagen and Mexico City, Wolfkin’s debut full-length, Brand New Pants, arrived in Denmark two years ago, but its Stateside release drops this week via Crunchy Frog.

What’s the Deal? Wolfkin play music that is as much informed by Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound as it is the Beatles, Kraftwerk, and breezy indie-pop melodies. The PB&J-esque single “Use Your Illusion” oscillates between lush harmonies, dancey beats, ’60s pop guitar solos, and quiet harp and string parts, while “San Pedro” is nearly jazzy in its approach. Wolfkin isn’t afraid to let it out though, as both singers wail and yelp in the provocative title cut.

Fun Fact: Though Vognstrup and Godtfredsen recorded and played most of the instruments on Brand New Pants themselves, they got a little extra musical help in the studio, both from members of the Mexican rap-metal band Molotov and from Vognstrup’s sister, Line, who added background vocals on two tracks and has also toured as part of the live band.

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