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Tiger Lou

Brooding Swedish guitar pop à la Joy Division and New Order.

Who? Stockholm, Sweden’s Tiger Lou is the brainchild of Rasmus Kellerman, lead songsmith in charge of playing and producing the band’s material, but Pontus Levahn (drums/vocals), Erik Welén (bass/vocals) and Mathias Johnsson (guitar) flesh out Tiger Lou’s hypnotic dreamscape in a live setting. In 2003, Kellerman released the Trouble and Desire EP; studio full-length Is My Head Still On? followed in 2004. The Loyal, the band’s proper U.S. debut, is out this week via the Eyeball label.

What’s the Deal? Each song on The Loyal is a quietly forged path of deliberate and brooding pop intensity. Album bookends “Woland’s First” and “Woland’s Last” are a dervish of softly circling, dulcet ‘forwards or backwards?’ tones. “National Ave” is a nightmarish swirl that plays like a twisted calliope, while “Ten Minutes to Take Off” is a great Interpol-isation of Joy Divison’s “Dead Souls.” The Loyal’s title track is a five-and-a-half minute time trap that rakes ears over uncomfortable coals, yet still feels like it ends too soon.

Fun Fact: Band name Tiger Lou is taken from the Jet Li film Fong Sai Yuk.

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Talk: Can Tiger Lou’s contained intensity roar them into the mainstream?

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