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Spin Weighs in on Grammy Noms


As nominees, music fans, and industry insiders prepare for the 50th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony, slated to be broadcast live from Los Angeles’ Staples Center on CBS at 8 P.M. Feb. 10, many are making their picks as to who will walk with a statue. And today, as more performers — Fergie and John Legend to duet! Josh Groban! John Fogerty, Little Richard, and Jerry Lee Lewis! — were added to the bill already including Album of the Year nom and Spin cover boys Foo Fighters, and Breakout of the Year artist Feist, Spin‘s Peter Gaston took to the CW Morning News to discuss the candidates in the anticipated categories, and predict which artists will emerge victorious. Will it be Amy Winehouse? Bruce Springsteen? Kanye? You’ll have tune in and see for yourself.

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