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Sons and Daughters, ‘This Gift’ (Domino)

With propulsive pogo-worthy rhythms and singer Adele Bethel’s insistent vocals, these rough-edged folk punks go for a quick knockout on their poppier second album (produced by Suede’s Bernard Butler). Frontloaded with crackling tracks –“Gilt Complex,” a fusion of vintage Blondie and Status Quo, and “Rebel With the Ghost,” a whiplash new-wave blur — This Gift flags halfway through when an odd excursion into retro-’60s twaddle gums up the works (“Chains” even sounds like “Runaround Sue,” fer chrissakes). But as long as the foot-stompers prevail, Sons and Daughters are a bracing jolt to Glasgow’s chronically melancholy music scene.

Now Hear This:Sons and Daughters – “Gilt Complex”

Now Watch This:Sons and Daughters – “Gilt Complex”



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