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News Roundup: Bamboozle, UNKLE, Jenny Lewis, Yael Naim


Paramore, the Academy Is…, Cobra Starship, Aiden, Gym Class Heroes, and Simple Plan, are among the performers set to rule the stages at the 2008 installment of New Jersey’s Bamboozle Festival, slated to hit East Rutherford’s Meadowlands Sports Complex May 3 and 4. For the complete bill, which also includes the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Thrice, Jack’s Mannequin, and Saves the Day, check out [Via]

After UNKLE‘s first ever tour of the U.S. this summer, oddly sans longtime collaborator Richard File, suspicion arose — but now it’s official. After ten year together, numerous albums, and numerous other collaborations, project principal James Lavelle has split with File, a decision a web post calls “mutual and amicable.” “Rich will be focusing on his new band, We Fell to Earth, who are currently in the studio working on their debut album,” the post explained. I suppose Lavelle finally has that chance to collaborate with M. Ward. [Via]

Jenny Lewis, frontwoman of Spin cover subject Rilo Kiley, has once again joined the Watson Twins to record the follow up to 2006’s solo debut, Rabbit Fur Coat. Currently the former child actress is cooped up in a Los Angeles studio laying down the tracks, but it’s with who — aside from the Twins, naturally — that’s called into question. According to an report, boyfriend Johnathan Rice, producer Jason Lader, “Farmer Dave” Scher (Beachwood Sparks/Tyde), M. Ward, Zooey Deschanel, and the Black CrowesChris Robinson have all contributed to the record. Heck, Elvis Costello apparently lent vocals to a duet as well. But according to Pitchfork, we shouldn’t get our hopes up, for a Lewis spokesperson called the article “misleading” and the list of collaborators “inaccurate.” Well, Costello or no Costello, a new record is on the way; maybe M. Ward is actually busy working with James Lavelle?

If the success of the Ceasers, Fratellis, and Feist wasn’t enough, here’s more proof positive of the power of Apple’s advertisements; the self-titled debut LP of Yael Naim, a blossoming Israel-born songstress relatively unknown in the U.S., has been fast tracked to U.S. store shelves and will arrive March 18 — two months ahead of schedule — due to the break out popularity of her tune “New Soul,” which is prominently featured in the new Mac Air ad. In fact, the tune, coincidentally, has ruled the iTunes charts in recent weeks, and placed high in the Billboard Hot 100. As soon as Jay-Z and Mr. Jobs join forces on that speculated record label, Apple will have all their bases covered. Think of the word… I’ll give you a hint: it starts with the letter ‘M’ and is also a popular board game. [Via]