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The Lonely H Cut Your ‘Hair’


When it comes to the Seattle-based hard rock outfit the Lonely H, they’re certainly not ones to hide behind their long, thick locks. And here, in the band’s new video for the aptly titled single “Hair,” having plenty of follicles turns out to be an aesthetic blessing.

Set in a barbershop, frontman Mark Fredson’s southern rock-tinged hollering opens the near three-minute clip, while an unsuspecting client’s appointment comes to a halt at the hands of the Lonely H. As roles reverse, Fredson and Co. are also flung into the cutting chair for a quick trim, but it’s the band’s neon-infused rockfest that sweeps “Hair” completely off the floor. From Eric Whitman’s earth-shattering guitar riffs to Fredson’s howl-like chants of “You’re not making no sense / It’s all nonsense,” ready yourself for the Lonely H’s brawling batch of throwback rock’n’roll. Just watch your “Hair.”

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