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The LK


Who: Glasses-sporting, sweetly nerds Fredrik (cornet, guitars, vocals, loops) and Lindefelt (vocals, drums, noise percussion) hail from the small town of Malmö, Sweden and comprise the LK, short for the Love of Kevin, Color, Chaos, and the Sound of K. This project formed when the duo’s first band, Lovekevins, collapsed under creative differences, and this time around, the pair swap directions, heading down an avant-garde, experimental road. The LK’s debut album Vs. the Snow will drop March 3 via Kora Records.

What’s the Deal: Vs. the Snow presents a brilliant fusion of electro-pop and a languid, Kings of Convenience-like vibe. “Down by Law” neatly blends these elements, layering echoing keys under sliding synths and warm, thin vocals. Album opener, “Anorak and Other Complicated Words,” utilizes soft, wavering harmonies and a plaintive lead vocal under a rumbling cello and weepy strings. These pop aficionados shift gears for “Tamogotchi Freestyle,” and play with clapping drums and twinkling electronic chirps a la Postal Service. Diverse as their songs may be, the LK unite all tracks with their calm confidence and slick style.

Fun Fact: The LK base their complex sounds around unique imagery and Lindefelt’s extraordinary mind. “Lindefelt’s a synesthete, which means his brain confounds sound and color,” Fredrik tells, “So we basically play and make music entirely on some kind of photo-esque game of association… sometimes we even come up with the music as a soundtrack to a scenario, motive, place or person in our heads.”

Now Hear This: The LK – “Private Life of a Cat”

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