The Kills, ‘Midnight Boom’ (Domino)

Ever walk into an after-hours club full of razor-cheeked, ambiguously gendered, money-flashing Eurotrash? Me neither, but this album — the Kills’ third — is what I imagine would be oozing from the sound system. Whether on drum-machine-powered sleazers (“Sour Cherry,” “Cheap and Cheerful”) or slinky seducers (“Getting Down,” “Hook and Line”), the unsatisfied sneer of singer Alison Mosshart and the black-vinyl blooze riffs of guitarist (and Kate Moss ex) Jamie Hince swagger with debauched élan. But the duo’s relentless cool never quite tips over into White Stripes–style heat, giving Midnight Boom the unapproachable, icy allure of a runway model.




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