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The Jet Age


What’s the Deal? The D.C.-based band draw from the post-grunge inspiration of Sugar and Bob Mould while exploring challenging rhythms like the gleefully erratic Dismemberment Plan. Their latest effort, however, integrates the grandeur and cohesion of the classic rock concept album: What Did You Do During the War, Daddy? deconstructs the helplessness and anguish associated with citizens forced to sit idly by as the country spins out of control. With politically charged tunes like “I Said, ‘Alright'” and “False Idols,” and deep, personal anthems like “Now We Are Three” and “Ladies, Don’t Cry Tonight” book-ending the album like a Broadway musical, Eric Tischler’s vivid songwriting. Not bad for a band that’s situated right in Bush’s backyard.

Who? The Jet Age features Tischler (guitar/vox/keys), Greg Bennett (bass), and Pete Nuwayser (drums). Tischler and Bennett were former members of the acclaimed power-pop outfit Hurricane Lamps.

Fun Fact: Tischler received some precious outside help while orchestrating the album’s opus, “Ladies, Don’t Cry Tonight.” He tells “I wrote it while practicing with my other band, the Big Engines,” he said. “That band consists of me and my four-year-old son, Dash.”

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Jet Age – “False Idols”

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