Autolux Supply Distorted Aural Therapy


Last night (Jan. 31), Los Angeles’ experimental, dreamy indierockers Autolux transformed a typically drizzly evening in the Bay Areainto a hail storm of sonic pleasure with a special intimate gig at theIndependent, as they churned out tunes aplenty, including previews oftheir long-awaited follow up to 2004’s LP Future Perfect. Kicking the night off in high spirits, Cambridge, Massachusetts-based pop duo Drug Rugopened with a rousing set filled with raised guitars and pure rattleand roll, which rightfully earned handclaps and toe-taps from the earlybird crowd of shoegazers and noise-pop enthusiasts.

Taking thestage, Autolux — apparently not one for stage banter — immediatelylaunched into a blurring sonic landscape of new tunes and old cuts, asdrummer Carla Azar and frontman Eugene Goreshter’s cooing vocalscollided with guitarist Greg Edwards’ whirring, hypnotic riffs,collectively flooded fans’ eardrums. Standout tracks such as the gauzyelectric haze of “Turnstile Blues,” and build up rocker “Subzero Fun”kept onlookers entranced through out their distortion-heavy set.Between their time spent in Frisco and their Friday night (Feb. 1)homecoming gig at the El Rey Theatre, Autolux should have no problemaccumulating a rightful buzz amongst the cool kids and blog masses inpreparation for their appearance at this year’s Coachella Festival.

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