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Yael Naim: Next Apple Superstar?

Macworld: the annual mecca for Apple aficionados across the world,all anxiously awaiting Steve Jobs’ much-mooted keynote speech, and thedrastic changes it delivers upon the digital world as we know it. Buttoday, as the San Francisco-based expo came to a head while Jobsunveiled Apple’s latest treat — the MacBook Air, the world’s thinnestlaptop — an Israeli musician, Yael Naim, may have reaped the greatest benefit.

Naim’s music — like that of Jet, the Fratellis, Gorillaz, Caesars, and Spin‘s breakout artist for 2007, Feist — has been selected as the soundtrack to the revolutionary computer’s advertising campaign.And the tune, “New Soul,” may soon be the ubiquitous hit moms, dads,and grandparents, computer savvy and non, are humming in very nearfuture. You decide.

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Yael Naim – “New Soul”