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Wild Sweet Orange

Who? In a characteristically Southern happenstance,Birmingham, AL natives Preston Lovinggood (vocals) and Chip Kilpatrick(drums) met at church choir practice, and soon formed the nucleus ofwhat would grow into Wild Sweet Orange. The band’s debut EP, The Whale, dropped earlier this year and the outfit will release a yet-to-be titled full-length in early 2008.

What’s the Deal? The Whalepresents a beautifully mournful blend of sparkling acoustic guitars andenchanting riffs under Lovinggood’s forceful, John Vanderslice-likevocals. The buttery, dreary “Be Careful What You Want” adds a fewweirdly high-pitched riffs to this mix, and the effect is delicatelyintoxicating. Similar hypnotic vibes resonate through “Land of NoReturn,” a track that gracefully recalls Explosions in the Sky’sswirling instrumentation and light, neat drums. But Wild Sweet Orangealso explore their edgier side with the perky “I’m Coming Home,” mixingbuoyant strumming with more desperate, commanding vocals.

Fun Fact:Though still a young and predominantly under-the-radar act, Wild SweetOrange’s tunes have already made their television debut: “Land of NoReturn,” a track off The Whale, was featured in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy last spring.

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