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Super Furry Animals Are Your ‘Venus’


Featuring a peeled down jam session of their greatest hits, alongwith an introduction of some news ones in celebration of their upcomingrelease, Hey Venus!,Super Furry Animals made a stop at Brooklyn’s Music Hall ofWilliamsburg Friday night (Jan. 25). Famous for over a decade oftheatrical projections, light shows, and special sound features, theWelsh psych pop outfit took things down a notch this time around,gracing the stage in scruffy garb to leave all concentration on thetunes — they even allowed fans to choose the setlist via their website.

Afterseveral signature Beach Boys-esque pop songs and a couple new cuts(including new single “Run-Away”), the tinkering music box of “She’sGot Spies” sent the audience gazing about the room with the forlorneyes of teenagers at a high school dance. Soon singer Gruff Rhyspulled everyone from their dazes with crowd-pleasers like “Rings Aroundthe World” and “Juxtaposed With U,” as well as with a ridiculousaudience participation exercise of forming mouse-like ears of wigglingfingers, which apparently “helps to improve the acoustics of the room.”With all hands on heads, the room filled with a throbbing version ofthe band’s heaviest metal song, “Receptacle for the Respectable” beforea short intermission. Post-break, Rhys finally decked his signature redMighty Morphin Power Rangers-like helmet to finish the show,while lead guitarist Huw Buford pumped fists in the air in the ultimateaffirmation that the Super Furries are back and plan on staying! MARY-LOUISE PRICE / PHOTOS BY SHAWNA ADAMS

We asked: For their current tour in support of their 2007 LP, Hey Venus!, Super Furry Animals have allowed fans to choose the setlist. What songs did you or would you choose?