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Spank Rock and Benny Blanco, ‘Bangers & Cash’ (Downtown)

Their mothers must be so proud. Baltimore-bred, Philly-based rappers Spank Rock hook up with New York producer Benny Blanco — and anything with breasts — on this raunchy five-song EP. Spank Rock already scored with their absurdist porn shtick on 2006 debut YoYoYoYoYo. Here, the influence of Miami bass buffoons 2 Live Crew is more, well, explicit: “See the sweat drip to your cooch from your doody hole.” Grimy, Diplo-worthy beats make stripper jams like “Bitch!” and “Pu$$y” as propulsive as they are quasi-ironically misogynistic. But 2 Live Crew got arrested for their profanity. These new shock jocks are just playing it safe.